Long Life Strategy

A Guide for Living a Longer, Healthier, and More Fulfilling Life

by Ronald M. Caplan

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It is possible to live a prolonged healthful, useful, enjoyable life. In order to achieve this, each of us needs a survival strategy. 

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by Ron Caplan | Long Life Strategy

cover of Long Life Strategy published by Springer LINK

Available in paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook

Each of us can  survive healthfully to an advanced age within a stable, advanced, educated society

Everyone needs a Strategy for Long Life, and Dr. Caplan offers it. Breakthroughs in knowledge about the cells that make up our bodies are bringing about new ways to keep healthy, to control and even stop disease before irreversible harm is caused. It is possible to be fit and healthy much longer into life, and, in fact, to actually live longer, healthier.

The ability to prolong healthy lifespan can radically change your life in myriad ways. What you can expect from your health care providers is rapidly evolving and represents a revolution in medicine.

Table of Contents, Second Edition

Living Longer

Aging: It Can Be Delayed…Can it be Reversed?

Disease Prevention

Diseases of Aging and their Prevention

Life Expectancy

The Reproductive Organs

Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction

Conditions Related to Childbearing

Menopause and Osteoporosis

Heart Disease and Hypertension



Diseases of the Joints, Arthritis

Diseases of the Central Nervous System, Migraine

Anxiety, Depression

Diet, Weight Loss

Exercise and Sleep

Cosmetic Surgery, Skin, The Eye

Parenting and Grandparenting

How Much Money do you Need?

Sickness and Loss of a Life Partner

Recreating Social Relationships

The Politics of Age 

Our Aging Society: How Society Could Adapt to Accommodate Large Numbers of Healthy Older Persons

Medical Terms and Their Meaning: Glossary, Links

Long Life Strategy is available in audiobook, Kindle and paperback 


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